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A little history about me

How I built my way to SEO

Title meta tag
Meta tag Title compilation features

Meta tags perform several important functions: They affect how the page is displayed and what positi…

clustering is needed for
What is query clustering?

In order to get targeted traffic, it is necessary to think over the structure so that users come to …

semantic core
What is the semantic core

A search query is a word or phrase that an Internet user enters in a search engine. The search resul…

What are the features of preparing a technical assignment for a copywriter for different types of content
Features of technical tasks for different types of pages

There is no universal TOR for all categories of the site, since each type of page performs a specifi…

How to start preparing content
Preparing content for the website

At this stage, we have formed the internal structure of the site, we know which groups of requests w…