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Features of technical tasks for different types of pages

There is no universal TOR for all categories of the site, since each type of page performs a specific task. In general, the preparation of the terms of reference is carried out according to the same principle, but, depending on the section, some points will differ.

Selling text

The main task of such content is to get a lead. After reading the text, a person should have a desire to buy a product right here and now, or at least call to clarify the nuances of interest.

To hook a client, a copywriter must understand who he is writing for and know everything about the target audience. The contractor will also need information about the company and a complete list of the advantages of your products. These data must necessarily be specified in the TOR, for the rest of the items, the technical task does not differ from the standard template.

Home page

A copywriter needs complete information about your company: a list of services, the date of foundation, interesting facts, a list of partner companies, the main advantages listed in the form of abstracts. Additionally, you need to identify strong competitors in the TOR and indicate what you like on their sites and what you don’t.

You should also describe the target audience and highlight the issues that interest them. They can be collected from sales managers and consultants, in reviews on the website or in your representative offices in social networks. This information is extremely important, because in the text the copywriter will have to close all the objections of your opponents.

Product card

There are minimum requirements for product cards. Usually it all comes down to SEO, because uniqueness, nausea and other technical parameters are important here. But in addition, certain requirements may be specified:

  • use the exact name of the product 2 times evenly throughout the text;
  • use 3-4 parameters from the “Characteristics” tab;
  • list the advantages of a particular product.

Otherwise, the TOR is compiled as usual.

Informational article

The main emphasis is on interesting and useful content, so a copywriter needs a detailed outline of the article and preferably more sources from which to borrow information. In addition to competitors’ websites, sources can be videos on the topic, PDF files, etc.

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