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Cleaning services for legal entities

Project: Cleaning-Line

Subject: cleaning services for legal entities

Project objective: website promotion in the direction of services for legal entities

The peculiarity of the project: promotion under low frequency, but highly competitive requests in the subject in a competitive market

Project start: Started work at the stage of updating the design of the project

Old site:

Updated design:

At the first stage of work

  • An updated site structure has been developed and configured. Data for setting up 301 redirects has been prepared for all old pages. The commercial structure has been expanded in all important areas of the company.
  • All commercial pages are filled with unique meta tags, unique content with descriptions of services and unique pictures.
  • A full technical audit of the project was carried out

In monthly works

  • Commercial pages are added based on the analysis of requests, based on competitors, based on business requests.
  • 5 informational materials were added monthly
  • The size of the images uploaded to the site is being monitored
  • The site loading speed is monitored
  • The optimization of important commercial pages is analyzed, the content for such pages is regularly expanded and updated, and metadata is updated
  • Important sections are being filled in: News, Vacancies, Promotions
  • The site is regularly parsed for broken links, 301 redirects and other important technical settings
  • Weekly results are tracked by site positions
  • And the dynamics of traffic growth

Dynamics by position

The reference mass is increasing

Domain rating is controlled

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