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How to choose keywords for the semantic core

The process of selecting keywords is combined into several stages. At the first stage, you will determine the basic keys with which the audience is looking for your product or business. The second stage is devoted to the expansion of the semantic core. At the third stage, you will delete unsuitable search phrases.

Defining the basic keys (token requests)

Enter common search phrases related to your business and products in a spreadsheet or write them down on paper. Gather your colleagues and brainstorm. Fix all the proposed ideas without discussion. Marker requests (markers) are requests that clearly respond to the promoted page. Most often these are the names of sections, categories, headings, etc.

Tokens are the basis for further search for keys that will be generated based on them.

1. Site parsing 1

The easiest way to get tokens is by parsing the main sections of your site or a competitor’s site.

2. Getting tokens from Google Analytics

Another good source of markers is Google Analytics. But this method is suitable only for your site or if you have access to competitors’ data :).

Go to the search phrases section in Google Analytics:

3. Independent selection

Have you gone through all the above methods of selecting markers, but it seems to you that you missed something? It’s time to take a pen, a piece of paper and pick up requests manually. You can ask for help from colleagues. This method is often neglected, and in vain! After all, being a specialist in your subject, you will certainly be able to pick up a lot of queries that can be used to expand the XIA in the future. Ask yourself the questions: What is the theme of the site? What are the main products/services the site sells? etc. And based on this, you will formulate token requests for your site.

Tip: When selecting markers, try not to select too “broad” marker queries (for example, the query “cars” will provide you with too much garbage, which you will spend extra time cleaning) and “narrow” ones (for example, the query “torneo optimo exercise bike” is too narrowly thematic and will not allow you to receive additional requests).

To get a complete list of token requests, it is not enough to use only one of the above methods. Use them all. Each additional method will add new markers to you. Remember, markers are the backbone of your future, on the basis of which the selection of key queries will be conducted.

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  1. This article offers a practical and systematic approach to keyword selection for building a semantic core. The division into stages makes it easier for readers to follow the process and ensures that they don’t miss crucial steps in keyword research.

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