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The work of a SEO specialist is interesting precisely because you cover a huge pool of tasks

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I started studying SEO on my project in 2014, it was an online Automation store for gates. The budget was not big and I realized that it would be difficult to get new clients without promotion in the search. I started my training together with an experienced SEO specialist. Using the example of my site, we went all the way to promote the site from scratch to the first customers. We conducted a technical audit. We have assembled a semantic core. We have worked out internal optimization. We started working on the external promotion of the site. And after 3 months, the search traffic began to grow, and I continued to study SEO on my own and expand the structure of the site. As a result, I had a steady stream of traffic and applications from the search.

The next step was my work in the agency for the creation and promotion of websites. I went to the office and started working on real projects. Basically, the company was engaged in the creation of projects with large budgets, the SEO service was additional, it was thanks to this that I gained experience working with large companies in the market.

The next stage was the work in a large company of food manufacturers. We had a team of SEO specialists with whom we worked out in detail and configured only the company’s websites. It was a cool experience because we worked out the site development strategy in detail and were immersed in the business processes and interests of the company. We have developed a commercial direction in all areas of the company’s products and services. And developed information sections to attract new customers.

Already at this stage, I began to have additional projects from friends, after some time I completely switched to remote work to combine work on various projects.

One of such projects is the website of an appraisal company. Together with a team of developers and designers, I successfully redesigned the site, and developed it, filled it with additional functionality. This project gave an impetus to the development of my experience as a freelancer.

Working remotely, I learned how to manage my time and correctly allocate important tasks. It is known that 20% of the work gives 80% of the result. It is on this principle that I try to build my plans for the year, quarter, month, week and day.

In 2021, I got a job at a CEO agency and I want to note that any experience is beneficial. Cooperation with agencies has its pros and cons, as in any other case, but working on a stream with a one-time management of 8-9 projects is interesting and exciting, but it is very difficult to delve into business processes and devote a lot of time to each project. On the plus side, you have a large team in which you can discuss any issue and get good advice.

Now I am also working remotely on a major project in the Ferret segment, together with the team we have developed an updated design and are transferring the site to a new site. In my experience, a large pool of projects and experience on various projects, different topics and areas of activity is difficult to calculate the exact number, but I won’t lie if I write that these are more than 100 projects that I have worked with. All projects are unique and beautiful in their own way. And in general, the work of a SEO specialist is interesting precisely because you cover a huge pool of tasks. And if we take into account that search engines are actively developing and making changes almost every month, a SEO specialist learns every day in his life.

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